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Ricky And Morty S4 returns in November, creators offer Kanye West an episode

After two years of waiting, Rick And Morty fans can now rest assured in an official return date for the mega-popular Cartoon Network show. Season Four begins this November, and creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have signed on for 70 episodes.

The announcement was made just three hours ago and already has more than 25K shares on Facebook alone. Not too surprising considering the show itself has almost 4 million followers on the platform. Not only that, and much to the dismay of many, Harmon and Roiland have offered Kanye West his very own episode.

“We fucking love Kanye,” Roiland told The Blast during a recent WarnerMedia event. “Ye is a kindred spirit, genius, visionary… If that guy had the support to do all the ideas he has in his head, he’d be Elon Musk 2.0.” And when the Blast asked them about a potential collaboration, the Rick and Morty creators were all for it. “We’ll give him an episode,” Harmon said. “I’m making it official. We have 70. Kanye you can have one!”

The season three finale of Rick and Morty aired October 1, 2017 with “The Rickchurian Mortydate.” The last time fans met up the Smith family, Beth and Jerry reconciled their marriage yet again, and Rick had a truce with President Obama after killing off half of his secret service. If there is anything fans have come to know about the show, it’s that things will likely pick up exactly where they left off—even if it was a whopping two years later.

Watch the Rick And Morty season four trailer below, along with an interview with co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland regarding working with Kanye West.


Kanye West photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Stringer. 

H/T: Vice, Source: The Blast.