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Watch Ekali & Illenium deliver new melodic gem ‘Hard To Say Goodbye’ at EDCLV

EDC Las Vegas went off with a few hitches this past weekend, which is to be expected when throwing a massive 400,000 person rave. Even in the midst of increased arrests and some high weather wind advisories leading to temporary evacuations, the music was bar none. As live sets begin to pour in from the weekend, new music moments are surfacing all over the internet.

One of those moments came from Ekali‘s closing set on Sunday night, during which time the producer invited friend and collaborator, Illenium, onto the stage. The two performed their new unreleased single, entitled “Hard To Say Goodbye,” to a packed out crowd at the circuitGROUNDS stage.

Watch Ekali’s full set below, or skip to the 1:08 mark to hear his new Illenium-assisted single, “Hard To Say Goodbye.”

Photo: Julian Cassady. H/T: Riverbeats.