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Justin Jay blurs boundaries on funky cross-genre album, ‘Everything Will Come Together Pt. 1’

Justin Jay just released the album he’s been teasing for quite some time. Jay released his first single from the album, “I’m Shy When I’m around You,” back in January. Shortly after, that song was released again alongside three others in a fully rounded out EP. Now the wait is over as the former Dirtybird’s new album, entitled Everything Will Come Together Pt. 1, is finally here on his own imprint.

Jay, who is known for his funky brand of house music, plays around with different genres on this full-length studio album. The Everything Will Come Together Pt. 1 LP has some of the grooviest tunes. It’s a whole new vibe that falls into the same psychedelica wheelhouse as Tame Impala and Mac Demarco. It’s got Jay’s usual house music mixed in with psych rock, indie music, and some funky jazz. All in all, the 11-track effort is an incredibly enlightening experience which allows listeners to chill out, dance around, and have faith in the fact that everything always works out, or comes together, as Jay says.