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Kill the Noise and Mija go gritty and industrial on new collaboration, ‘Salvation’

Kill the Noise is renowned for his ability to be playful and experimental with his style, as well as collaborating with a litany of artists across multiple genres. Mija is no stranger to taking her music in different directions either, recently playing her live Band Practice tour across the country and singing on many of her recent tracks. Together, the two have combined forces to create a unique and catchy new tune titled “Salvation.”

Minimal, dark and memorable, the track is a new sound from both of them. The sparse, driving rhythm is complemented perfectly by Mija’s ethereal vocal work that drifts in and out of the track. Fraught with emotion, the music builds up with plenty of intense sound effects and movement as the gritty and pulsing bassline drives the track to its conclusion.

This is an exciting new chapter for both of these artists. Magic always happens when two talented producers collaborate, and this track is no exception.