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Caspa delivers killer new EP, ‘Psychotechnics’

Gary McCann, better known as Caspa, has just released his latest EP, Psychotechnics. The short form project features four brand new, lengthy songs. Much like its definitive meaning suggests, Psychotechnics is itself a psychological medium for controlling and modifying human behavior, which Caspa takes a step further with the album’s cover art.

Caspa’s newest EP takes listeners to another time and place. Clocking in at 13-minutes, the project contains the most defining dubstep from a forefather of the electronic genre. From the album’s trippy opener in “Pulse,” to the album’s more melodically-arranged midpoint, “Say My Name,” all the way to the slowed halftime beats of the closing track, “Hide & Seek,” these deep, dark wubs are sure to fully alter lister listener’s mind states on the dance floor.

The new music has been out for less than 24 hours and has already been the subject of much well-received fanfare. Fans, both new and old, are raving about Psychotechnics over social media. Give the 4-track effort a listen below.