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Summer is officially in full swing with another soothing Lane 8 seasonal mixtape

Most folks use the changing temperatures, plant life cycles, or even the position of the stars, sun, and moon to gauge the passing of the seasons. For avid fans of Lane 8, seasons officially come and go with the arrival of Daniel Goldstein’s legendary mixtapes. In the latter case, summer is officially in session because the Bay Area producer has unveiled his “Summer 2019 Mixtape.”

Spanning three hours and 39 minutes, the mix embodies a soothing sonic landscape filled with drawn-out progressive builds, organic overtones, and spine-tingling releases. Chill, calming, and inviting, Lane 8 proves yet again that he is a melodic mastermind as he captures the ethos of summertime bliss in a time capsule. Throughout the mix, Lane 8 winds whimsically through warm valleys and euphoric peaks to include the music that is currently wetting his own pallet. Listeners are exposed to Billie Eilish, Anderlohm, Kidnap, Yotto, OCULA, Joris Voorn, Artbat, and many more along the way.

The wonderful thing about Lane 8 productions, especially those released on his This Never Happened imprint, is their ability to transcend genres. Drawing on elements of indietronica, deep and progressive house, and organic instrumentation, the music stands on a pedestal of its own. The Summer 2019 Mixtape is no different: raw, real, reflexive, and ready for the dive into cooler waters.