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MUST LISTEN: CloZee unveils pulsating official remix of Ganja White Night’s iconic track, ‘Chak Chel’

CloZee is someone who needs no introduction on this site. As the French goddess winds up for a summer filled with festival appearances, her busy touring schedule doesn’t stop her from regularly releasing new music. Just last month, she unveiled her highly-anticipated Royal EP under her CloZinger moniker with Scarfinger. Now CloZee follows up with a brand new track in the form of an official remix for Ganja White Night, out now on SubCarbon Records.

The track, “Chak Chel,” stands as the most recent iconic single from the Wobble Masters, who themselves approached CloZee to retouch the song. One thing Ganja White Night has become known for is a powerful form of storytelling through their music, specifically through the use of Ebo’s “clash of civilizations” animations. When one thinks to CloZee’s organic line of tribal bass and glitch-hop, she emerges as the perfect remixer of the track.

The remix takes off with soothing, meditative tones as it steadily builds with verbose timpani drums and euphoric horns. She then begins to play with changing tempos and new basslines as the song matures. Of course, these elements are all working together towards that signature CloZee release on the first drop. CloZee effectively transforms “Chak Chel” from its dub-heavy origins into an entirely new masterpiece that stands on its own. All the while, CloZee carefully holds on the song’s original tribal elements.