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SNBRN releases highly-emotive debut LP, ‘Solé’

SNBRN is one name in the sunset house genre who many might think to be a veteran, considering he’s been releasing music since 2014 on every label from Ultra Records to Astralwerks. So it may come as a surprise to many that the mastermind, who runs around town as Kevin Andrew Chapman, has not even released his debut album.

Now the Los Angeles-based house producer has finally chosen to make that statement with a tantalizing 10-track studio album, Solé. The full-length studio effort is bursting with such emotive creativity that the project, much like his name suggests, sparks a fire. Having just unveiled the single, “Never Let You Go,” this past Winter, fans have definitely been crooning for its full release. 

This debut has great Spanish influence as heard in the “Prelude” and “Bailas Conmigo”, making for a multi lingual hit that can be sung thoroughly and enjoyed in different cultures. Moving forward with diverse lysergic synths, fluid composition, and sampling glory, it’s full of intriguing elemental input. “Free Ya” hits the feels just right with a kaleidoscopic sounding imagination.

Scintillating melodies, thick basslines, and crescendoing effects mesh well with the deep vibe that Chapman brings along. Designed through extensive and fun-loving lyrical vocalizations that entices the Summer dance floor, this-left-of-center house drop is a success. Now available on his label, Apollo Records, in collaboration with Ultra Records, be sure to listen to the entirety of it.


SNBRN: “I’m so humbled to share Solé with the people who made it what it is! My friends, family and fans are all behind this, and it’s been an amazing year preparing everything to share with everyone.”