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Freestyle Sessions Update: Bassnectar headed to Denver Coliseum on Sunday

When news broke earlier today that Denver’s 1stBank Center was suddenly closed due to emergency maintenance repairs, Bassnectar and his fan base were shocked and dismay. Not only were they capping the first night of their Freestyle Sessions three-night run, but bass heads showed up for day two to realize their greatest nightmare come to life: a huge road sign reading, “BASSNECTAR CANCELLED 6/8 6/9.”

Thankfully, Lorin Ashton, the man behind the moniker, promised his loyal fan base that he and his team were working hard on locking in a new venue in town for the roughly 6,000-person event. No easy feat, but Ashton is no ordinary human.

The bass demigod said over Twitter, “it’s all going to work out.. we are searching for a place to throw a big fucking freestyle party – things are coming together, and everyone is working overdrive.”

Clammer in the Bassnectar community is speculating something like one of Bassnectar’s ultra-rare West Coast LoFi sets. Now one industry professional has made the news all-but-official for a massive warehouse party, stating that he “confirmed a massive headliner for tonight” and for bassheads to prepare themselves. The event will run from 10pm-6am, most likely in Denver’s warehouse district north of Downtown.

Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

UPDATE: Sunday night’s event is being dubbed Freestyle Party and it’s taking place at the Denver Coliseum, which holds 10,000 people.

UPDATE: Dreamtempo night is officially canceled for Saturday, June 8.

Photo: aLive Coverage. Source: Bassnectar.net