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Bassnectar’s Freestyle Sessions canceled due to unexpected venue maintenance

Bassnectar‘s third annual Freestyle Sessions was scheduled to enter into its second night at Colorado’s 1st Bank Center, but a wrench seems to have been thrown into his plans. Through no fault of his own, the venue decided to close for the next week due to “a sudden and unexpected systems malfunction.” Naturally, bass heads who traveled far and wide are shocked, scared, and a whole range of emotions as events unfold in real time.

Even Bassnectar was shocked, tweeting, “This is unprecedented and a complete shock to all of us, but they have informed us they cannot open their doors for tonight’s and tomorrow night’s events. We are currently brainstorming every possible solution – we realize how devastating this is, and how many of you have traveled so far and spent so much time and money and energy to be a part of this amazing weekend. Please stand by for further information as soon as we are able to provide it for you.”

Night two of Freestyle Sessions was to see openers in J:Kenzo, The Librarian, and DJ Danny Corn while tomorrow had Shades, Phutureprimitive, and Thelem. Currently, Bassnectar has stated that event will indeed go on somewhere else in town and that his team in hammering out logistics right now.