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‘Iris: A Space Opera by Justice’ hits theatres in late August

French music duo Justice has always been pioneers of grandly designed audio/visual experiences. From massive speakers blasting rock riffs over enormous crowds of people, to the towering screens and lasers that accompany them, they are no strangers to meticulously designed spectacle.

So it’s no surprise that their live film, Iris, is getting a global theatrical release. Recently debuted at SXSW, the film showcases Justice’s Women Worldwide Tour in an entirely new light. Directed by André Chemetoff and Armand Beraud, the film was shot with no audiences present, allowing the cinematography to capture the true spectacle of the music from all angles.

Billed as a “space opera,” Iris is as stunning of a multimedia experience as any live Justice performance. The release will debut in France on August 29, and the pair have announced that more countries will be added to the release schedule soon.

Photo credit: Ismael Quintanilla