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Stream Justice’s live-inspired, studio-mastered album, ‘Woman Worldwide’

When Justice wrapped their third studio album, the French electronic duo immediately hit the road for their Woman Worldwide tour. The show launched in grand fashion, hitting global festival stages at Ultra Miami, Coachella, Sonar, Glastonbury, Primavera Sound, and Lollapalooza, to name a few.

The tour lasted over two years, and attracted sold-out crowds of hundreds of thousands with it’s seamless fusion of disco, hip-hop, heavy metal, 1970s progressive rock into an orchestral electronica sound. Of course, they were releasing tracks all along the way.

Now the group releases a second studio-mastered album to follow up their 2016 seminal masterpiece, Woman. Dubbed Woman Worldwide, the album delivers 15 live-inspired cuts of their electro-gleaning sounds while they tweaked new possibilities on the road.

The group has been gracing audiences with their artisanal take on early-ought electronica for around 9 years now, but are slow to release new music. The reason why, as Justice’s Xavier De Rosnay explained to Billboard, is because “it must be perfect.”

“It is not always good because we are very slow in making things,” De Rosnay continues. “In our studio, [we’re] just taking the time to make them, so every project we start working on takes like three or four years, but that’s the way we work, and we’re happy like this.”

Woman Worldwide is out now via Because Music and their home imprint, Ed Banger Records.

Via: Billboard