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Sully releases heavy neuro bass single, ‘Coast to Coast’

Sully is one burgeoning new bass music producer that CE has had a close eye on. Now he’s catching the attention of Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan with his new independently released single, “Coast To Coast.” The track is Sully’s third single, following “Frequency Shift” and “Break The Floor.”

Leading in with pulsing bass and dark atmospheric textures, “Coast to Coast” opens with the same ominous overtones Sully is becoming known for. As the track progresses, Sully serves up a heavy dose of his signature “reese bass” paired with whipping neuro sounds to create an addictive, thrashing melody. The dark, gritty energy felt throughout the track is a reflection of the frustrations Sully felt leading up to creating “Coast to Coast.”

“Most of ‘Coast to Coast’ was produced right after I quit my day job,” says Sully. “Up until that point, I was really frustrated with working a job that just paid the bills. It felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders when I got hired as a full-time studio engineer, and ‘Coast to Coast’ was the creation that resulted.“