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Walker & Royce return to Dirtybird for two-track ‘Bodies Do The Talking’ EP

Walker & Royce have just released a two-track EP on Dirtybird for the first time in over a year. Although traditional house music is faithful to repetitive four beat measures and one overarching melody, the New York City based duo kick things up a notch with a unique fiery flavor that sets their sound apart from the rest of the flock.

The project’s title track, “Bodies Do The Talking,” has been a highly anticipated release due to the sheer fact that other Dirtybird label mates have been rinsing out the song over the last few months. In typical Walker & Royce fashion, the tune is energetic from its bottom layers all the way on up, effectively getting bodies bouncing and hearts thumping to the beat from beginning to end.

The track that follows, titled “Uh Oh,” then drops listeners into a deep state of trance with its subdued elements, including a mellowed harmony and organ bridges. Both songs are intricate with a multitude of unorthodox synths that intentionally step away from the basic four-on-the-floor rhythm that has become the hallmark of house music. It’s an off-kilter sound design, full of corky upbeats, rumbling bass lines, and spacey synths, all of which has made the pair standout as an act that always keeps their listeners guessing at what’s next.

Photo: Bridgette Mitchell.