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Stream Moody Good’s debut single on Deadbeats, ‘Bite Your Lip’

Eddie Jeffreys was once one-half of the 16bit duo, in which he was best known for. The English bass producers two eventually found it in their best interest to part ways in 2011. Jefferys now goes by the name of Moody Good and has been releasing music through the Never Say Die label. However, he just recently made the leap over to Deadbeats with the debut single, “Bite Your Lip.”

Known for combining an eccentric mix of dubstep, drum and bass, hip hop, and electronic music into his oeuvre, Moody Good once again packs a punch on this one. Characterized by experimental layering, crunchy progressions, and hip hop vocals over a deep, dirty baseline and hypnotic beat, the song tailor-made for Deadbeats. Moody Good fans, both new and old, are ecstatic about it.