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Watch Bassnectar’s full set from Electric Forest 2019

Electric Forest 2019 is officially on the books and, in the aftermath of it all, the magic of Sherwood Forest is still floating in the air. As the week progresses, fans and attendees of the Madison House and Insomniac produced event can expect to see a fair amount of sets pour in — although not nearly as many as the EDCs, Tomorrowlands, and Ultras of the world. That’s because people in the Forest are less concerned with broadband connection as they are with an instant human connection. It’s one of the qualities that make the Forest stand out from the rest.

That being said, a few full-length, fan-recorded sets are making their way online. Not the least of which is Bassnectar’s heavily lauded Saturday night set, which included gems like “Empathy,” “Frog Song,” along with coveted remixes of “Run DMT’s Sugarcube” and Mars Leon’s “Fire.” Now fans not in attendance at Electric Forest can enjoy Bassnectar’s set in full audio… but not for long. Rest assured, this will be taken down shortly.