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M83 has a new video game inspired album coming this fall, ‘DSVII’

The album is a sequel to their 2007 ambient album, Digital Shades Vol 1.

French electronic/alt-rock crossover act M83 have announced a new album, DSVII, which arrives September 20 via Mute. The full-length project was fully recorded on analog equipment in the time between 2017-2018. According to a press release, the forthcoming album was “influenced heavily by early video game soundtracks, ‘80s sci-fi/fantasy films and analog synth pioneers” such as Brian Eno, Mort Garson, and John Carpenter. M83’s last proper album, Junk, was released in 2016.

Pre-orders for the effort are going on now. Find the full DSVII tracklist and album art below

DSVII Artwork:

M83 DSVII Album Cover Art

DSVII Tracklist:

01 Hell Riders
02 A Bit of Sweetness
03 Goodbye Captain Lee
04 Colonies
05 Meet the Friends
06 Feelings
07 A Word of Wisdom
08 Lune De Fiel
09 Jeux D’Enfants
10 A Taste of the Dusk
11 Lunar Son
12 Oh Yes You’re There, Everyday
13 Mirage
14 Taifun Glory
15 Temple of Sorrow