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Madeon – Dream Dream Dream

When Madeon announced the coming of his sophomore album earlier this summer, momentum has naturally gravitated around the star-powered electronic act. Once the French DJ/producer, born Hugo Pierre Leclercq, headed Porter Robinson’s Second Sky with an ID-filled set, the album anticipation reached a high point.

Now Madeon continues to tease the release of his next project, which he says will focus on his predilections for all things pop, with the release of “Dream Dream Dream.” Much like the redundancy of its title suggests, the track lays down a dreamy, nostalgic landscape with hushed synthesized vocals. The song retains an almost gospel quality as well in melody and chord progressions — all with a classic Madeon twist.

There’s so much in the works for the Madeon project at the moment. With an accompanying album tour on the horizon, along with a brand new Beats Radio 1 show, there’s no stopping the burgeoning young talent in the latter half of 2019.