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Listen to VOLO’s cinematic debut album, ‘Live Free’

Led by industry giants like ODESZA, Flume, and Illenium, the world of uplifting, triumphant electronic music has never been hotter. The beautiful anthemic tunes coming in from across the globe and a range of young producers vary in style and flavor, but there’s certainly a pattern emerging. With his debut album, VOLO delivers a continuation on this theme and offers up his own take on what he calls “journey music.”

Filled with lush sonic landscapes, world instruments, and stirring synth work, this genre-defying project weaves tales of exploration and discovery with ease. Evocative chord progressions dance over organic drums as the project moves through a variety of feelings. From the nostalgic “Luminous,” to the playful, almost giddy “Sun Drops,” to the contemplative “Celestial,” the album manages to capture an incredible range of human emotion in its relatively short 10-track length.

On the strength of going on tour with CloZee in 2018, as well as releasing a song with her, VOLO has certainly gained a foothold in this realm of music. Now, it’s impossible to deny that his talent and hard work are paying off. Live Free is a testament to a bold, inspiring vision of the future of music, and VOLO is sure to be one of the champions of this exciting new sound.