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Slow Magic makes his whimiscal return with lucid ‘Dreams Pt. 1’ EP

In terms of a significant body of work, some time has passed since Slow Magic has released anything of consequence. 2017 saw the masked enigmatic producer’s acclaimed Float album with fans holding tightly onto his blissful, head-in-the-clouds soundscape in hopes of new project. The reason for the long lull was due to a tumultuous relationship with his former label, Downtown Records, which he says stifled his creativity due to the imprint becoming gobbled up by recording conglomerate, Interscope/Universal.

“I had been trapped in a label deal that had nearly ruined my career,” he tells Dancing Astronaut, “The label wanted to control more than we had initially discussed back when I signed with them. I felt I was being strung along until they could figure out what they were doing or until I had a radio hit.”

Eventually, Slow Magic was able to break free from the arrangement and sign with new management at Milk & Honey, where he enjoys a newfound sense of artistic freedom. The result is Slow Magic’s Dreams, Pt. 1 EP, which arrives as his first multi-track project in years. Clocking in at two jubilant tracks, its the first in a three-part EP series that puts the producer’s light-hearted musical aroma on full display.

Whereas his previous works were almost-entirely instrumental, Slow Magic delves into more vocally-driven numbers with a sultry pop predilection. “Daydream” features the whispy vocals of Julianne Hope while the second track, “when it rains but the sun is out too,” lays down a cerebral soundscape complete with chiming synths, chill textures, and the atmospheric allure that have come to signify Slow Magic’s whimsical style. It’s the beginning of a brand new 6-track journey that will see releases throughout the end of the year.