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Watch FKJ deliver impressive one-man show demo cut of ‘On My Own’

FKJ (aka French Kiwi Juice) is a musical force to be reckoned from the Parisian electronic scene. The multi-faceted self-taught musician has been steadily showing off his musical prowess over the years through his mastery of the guitar, drums, vocals, keys, and synthesizers. As FKJ has risen from the ranks of playing tiny clubs to sold-out ballrooms, he’s gained massive momentum through his soulful electronic-R&B crossover anthems and eclectic on-stage energy that is matched by none.

In his newest single endeavor, FKJ has released a working demo of the title “On My Own,” in which the jack-of-all-trades records himself in 16mm film piecing together an instrumental mosaic. In the process, FKJ showcases himself as a one-man act as he splices between his go-to instruments of choice, jamming and grooving in his at-home studio the entirety of the way. The video offers a rare peek into the musical genius of a working title coming to fruition and further speaks to FKJ’s eclectic crossover style.