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The Black Madonna launches We Still Believe Radio

To mark the further growth of her newly-minted We Still Believe label, The Black Madonna has launched her very own radio platform by the same name. The We Still Believe Radio show is meant to touch on everything from “disco to techno to house and back, maybe stopping by a little drum and bass on the way,” as she reveals in a recent press release.

“I LOVE radio,” she continues. “In fact, I learned to DJ on the air at my college station and all these years later being able to speak to you over the airwaves remains a singularly thrilling experience. Soooooooo, I am beyond excited to announce the launch of my very own We Still Believe radio show, with global FM syndication.”

With the radio show’s very first episode debuting on Friday, July 19, the plan is for new episodes to air weekly around the world with “the latest and greatest discs in dance music and the deepest cuts from the back of the crate all presented by me… and maybe a special guest or two. Listen over the air or online, but whatever you do, don’t turn that dial!”

Listen to the inaugural episode of We Still Believe Radio and stay tuned weekly for new additions as The Black Madonna continues to expand her brand influence and penchant for underground music curation.