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TroyBoi climbs to new heights of sonic experimentation on new OWSLA EP, ‘VIBEZ Vol. 3’

Anytime TroyBoi releases a new project, music fans never quite know what they’re getting themselves into. The only certainty about the niche bass producer is that he is going to bring an entirety original experimental sound design that straddles the boundaries of trap, breakbeat, and synth-laden left-field bass. With the release of his VIBEZ Vol. 3 EP, out now on OWSLA, TroyBoi shatters all expectations once again.

“V!BEZ has been my way of introducing people to my more unique ideas, feels, vibes,” says TroyBoi of the project. “I’m thrilled that I’m now at Vol. 3 and blessed that it’s being released on OWSLA. Skrillex and his entire team have been an absolute dream to work with. They all completely understand the vision and go above and beyond to see it accomplished.”

TroyBoi already released the EP’s lead single “WARLORDZ,” which came as a heavyweight Skrillex collab, as well as the single “PAPI CHULO,” which he says was influenced by living in Miami. Along with another Cuban-influenced track, “Baile,” and two more scantily clad originals, VIBEZ asserts TroyBoi’s uncompromising artistic vision and experimental prowess in an entirely new way.

Skrillex adds, “TroyBoi is special in that he’s always uncompromising and follows his own vision. He’s his own wave, no one sounds like him. It could be the simplest beat and you know it’s TroyBoi right away. He’s unique and simple, he makes people move.”