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Hotel Garuda’s 4-track ‘Head in the Trees’ remixes offers eclectic tastes

Candleweather continues as the face of the musical project Hotel Garuda. What usually comes with departures? Typically a sense of enlightenment and a desire to further push one’s creativity. Young and talented, Aseem Mangaokar has been on a steady path focused on his solo creative and passionate pursuit this past year after his split with Manilla Killa.

Since having released a couple of remixes and “One Reason”, which featured a vocalist collaborations, Hotel Garuda released his first solo single, ‘Head in the Trees’, this past Spring and we love it. Marking a profound moment in his career as the song itself features his own vocals and intriguing lyrics which fits nicely with his feelsy production.

Reflecting back on the original ‘Head in the Trees’ release:

“This is my most personal song to date. I’ve made a name for myself making dance music and I want to show a side of me that hasn’t been shown before. Writing, producing and singing on this track was a challenge that I took on nervously, as I wasn’t sure if people would take me seriously as an artist until I made something that was entirely mine. ‘Head In The Trees’ is a love song that marks an important change in my life that happened about two years ago, and only now do I feel comfortable with baring this part of me to everyone else,” Candleweather said in a press release.