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Netsky teams up with Aloe Blacc for catchy new single, ‘Snitch’

The summer is well underway, and the unofficial picks for best song of the summer are already rolling in. As things heat up outside, the music heats up too, as world-renowned Belgian producer Netsky and consistently featured artist Aloe Blacc have teamed up to offer their own selection, “Snitch,” out now on Republic/Casablanca.

After an already fulfilling career as a drum and bass producer, Netsky has recently found new life as a multi-genre sensation. Since last year, he has released a series of catchy songs, with the likes of Lil Wayne, David Guetta and more. Aloe Blacc, who has been featured most prominently alongside Avicii, is no stranger to working closely with electronic musicians to make hits.

“This song started it’s life in the Stargate studio in Venice – Stargate and I had a session with Aloe Blacc,” said Netsky in a press statement. “I would never have thought this was the kind of beat that Aloe would go for; it’s pretty different for him, but he loved it and absolutely killed the verses.”

Full of bouncy drums, bright, melodic synth lines, funky liquidity, and vivid electronic flavor, the tune was being played out live during Netsky’s set, which he says got an amazing reaction around the board. The track will also appear on Netsky’s upcoming project, Palmtrees & Powerlines, which is shaping up to be a two-part album,