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Sweater Beats stays true to having fun with edit pack/mini-mix, ‘Not A Phase Vol. 1’

Sweater Beats has always had a propensity for making danceable, relatable, and originally quirky tunes. Peppered with groovy bass and drum lines, his work tends to have an experimental-pop flavor that is memorable and catchy. He’s made a career out of staying true to himself and, in doing so, has created a nice lane for his musical success.

That trend continues with the release of a pack of edits and a mini-mix that he’s titled “Not A Phase Vol. 1.” The title embraces the pop-punk and emo roots that Sweater Beats identifies as a huge musical influence, and exhorts his listeners to do the same.

‘Not A Phase’ is all about having fun, staying true to the things you luv & not being embarrassed to sing along to your favorite songs at the top of your lungs. 

Clockinh in at just over 8 minutes, the mix is filled with memorable cuts from days past, along with blends of more current hits, and some things entirely of his own creation. The edit pack also comes a free download, offering fans the chance to have the full versions of these songs for themselves.

“Not A Phase” is the first of a new ongoing mixtape series, and if Vol. 1 is any indication of what it’s going to be like, Sweater Beats is proving he just wants to have fun.