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Watch RL Grime & Flume deliver new IDs at Lollapalooza

In the experimental trap pocket of the electronic music world, two producers have led the pack in terms of pushing the genre forward. Albeit starkly different artists, RL Grime and Flume have been long celebrated figures for their tastemaking styles and pioneering approaches to bass music production. This past weekend, the two were invited to Lollapalooza where they each performed in prime time.

RL Grime stepped up to the Lolla stage with his robust and expansive trap sound, gracing fans with unreleased music in the process. The ID, which is available on Reddit thanks to u/jrt124, is rumored to be a San Holo collaboration that boasts RL’s powerful drums, an emotional melody, and an expert release.

Flume took a more avante garde approach to his set, to put it lightly. The Australian beatmaker went to strange leaps to create a set that fans couldn’t possibly forget. He planted a pot of flowers mid-set, smashed a printer with a sledgehammer, and nearly lit himself on fire with a grind wheel. Along the way, he brought out plenty of collaborators to perform iconic singles and new ID tracks for an incredibly memorable Lollapalooza return. The new ID with Vera Blue is rumored to be called “Rushing Back” considering the song’s repetitive chorus line, but only time will tell as Flume continues along his 2019 release spree.