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MeSo and Super Future join forces on experimental tune, ‘Chromatose’

Underground bass music has been developing its Midwestern hub over the past few years. In Grand Rapids, you’ll find artist Nick Rowland captivating the Michigan EDM scene with the vibrant sounds of his alias, Super Future. Stationed on the other side of Lake Michigan is Chicago-based producer MeSo, captivating the urban scene with his off-kilter sound design and hard-hitting basslines.

Now the pair have joined forces once again on a new trippy, experimental trap-infused collaboration, “Chromatose.” Anxiety-induced risers and a sequence of kick drum sounds quickly set the tone, building anticipation before hitting listeners with a wall of unbelievably thick sub-bass and the track’s signature spacey, chromatic-sounding synth.

Ordinarily, “ridin’ on chrome” might mean driving a car with chrome rims. However, Super Future and MeSo have listeners “ridin on chrome” inspired sounds, weird and wonky synths, and trap bass fills that will leave listeners in a deep comatose state.