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Tchami strives for creative reinvention on newest single, ‘Rainforest’

Long gone are the days of Tchami, the “future house” pioneer. The multi-faceted Parisian mogul has been hard at work building his dance music empire, with his most recent moves coming in the form of his North American CONFESSION: Summer Edition tour and the launch of his REVELATIONS Radio Show on Sirius XM. All the while, Tchami’s CONFESSION label is now globally recognized as a hotbed for international house music talent, while also serving as the headquarters for his own musical creations.

Tchami’s newest single, “Rainforest,” arrives on the imprint as his most unique and eclectic song to date. A vast step away from the rhythm and groove that made Tchami into a household name, the track is a refreshing leap of faith towards a brand new artistic representation of himself. “Rainforest” is like nothing we’ve heard before in dance music — subtle, experimental, yet still within the four-to-the-floor signature that he knows and loves so well. Tchami plays well with new half-time beats, high pitched synths, and chill progressions that are layered supremely for an overall reinvention of the Tchami sound. 

Watch the official music video accompaniment for Tchami’s “Rainforest” below.