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Stream YehMeh2’s remix of Adventure Club, Crankdat, and Krewella’s ‘Next Life’

YehMeh2 has now fully stepped out on his own and is standing tall as a remixing machine. The former Flosstradamus partner, also known as Josh Smith, is coming off flips of Major Lazer’s “Can’t Take It From Me,” Party Favor’s “Wave,” and PLS&TY’s “Run Wild.” Arriving as his fourth official remix in a matter of weeks, Smith continues his string of releases with a biting trap remix of Adventure Club and Crankdat‘s “Next Life,” featuring Krewella.

“I’ve been a fan of Adventure Club for a long time, so when they reached out for a remix, I jumped at the opportunity. I wanted to keep the pretty vibe of the vocals from the original but add a little trap history on the drop,” says YehMeh2 of the official remix.

YehMeh2 gives “Next Life” the full trap treatment it deserves, with a signature Floss drop into some eastern-influenced synths and simple snare kicks that ride until the song’s end. It’s a light retouch that leaves the original melody in tact, allowing Krewella’s vocals to shine. The remix will surely be gracing both YehMeh2’s and Adventure Club’s sets at mainstream festivals throughout the rest of summer and into fall.