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NGHTMRE and ZHU collaboration coming this week

To those with the trained EDM ear, NGHTMRE and ZHU seem like the most unlikely match-up in dance music history. Yet, when NGHTMRE debuted their collaboration during his encore at a Los Angeles club last April, the track showed off an entirely cohesive and complimentary sound that drove the crowd wild.

The track — which now has its title, “Man’s First Inhibition” — showcased each of the producer’s stylistic strengths to didactic perfection. Yet, while each producers mark is distinctive, the track also blends NGHTMRE and ZHU’s sounds fluidly, representing the perfect symbiotic pairing.

Both artists have worked with a range of collaborators outside of their sound wheelhouse. While ZHU has co-producer credits with everyone from Tame Impala and Majid Jordan to NERO and Skrillex, NGHTMRE has worked alongside Slander, Flux Pavilion, Lil Jon, Wiz Khalifa, and more. NGHTMRE even remixed ZHU and Ekali’s “Blame,” but never would fans have envisioned the two would be seen in the same byline. One has to wonder how the collaborative effort came to fruition. Hopefully, answers will come with the song’s official release. One thing is for certain: It’s an unlikely match made in heaven.