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Apple Music launches Shazam Discovery, a secret weapon in the streaming wars

Apple Music continues to gain footing in the ongoing streaming wars. When the tech giant acquired Shazam, the world’s most-used music recognition app, it was a $400 million merger that was thought to really give Apple Music a leg up on the competition. When Apple Inc. launched its Apple Music For Artists dashboard earlier this month, with exclusive Shazam analytics that can’t be found on any other artist-centric platforms, it immediately rivaled Spotify For Artists, which launched in 2017.

Today, Apple Music continues to make use of Shazam’s data gold mine with the launch of a new music chart called the Shazam Discovery Top 50. The new chart features a global ranking of the week’s top 50 artists and their trending tracks, all based on Shazam data. With over 1 billion downloads of its app, and 20 million “Shazams” each day, that’s quite the treasure trove of data. However, Shazam Discovery utilizes a far different metric than a traditional music chart would use. Rather than pointing to how many downloads, purchases, or streams a song has, the chart’s data lends itself more to insights about up-and-coming artists.

While the majority of the data spotlights emerging artists, that’s not to say the chart ignores the variety of songs that may be experiencing a bolster in data for whatever reason. To rank on the chart, the song must be demonstrating an upward pattern of growth in the Shazam’ charts — whether that’s rapid growth, steady growth, geographic growth, or all of the above, Apple revealed in a press release.

The Shazam Discovery Top 50 chart will feature songs that are trending in the US and more than 10 other countries.

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