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Check out this Tycho playlist that generates songs based on your local weather conditions

Scott Hansen, the creative mastermind behind Tycho, has been continuously blessing fans on a spree of surprises. First was Tycho’s celebrated Weather LP that just landed last month, then came the announcement of an accompanying world tour. Now Tycho has announced the creation of one of the web’s most unique playlist apps that customizes a hill playlist based off your local weather conditions. 

Designed by Tycho himself, and developed by Lee Martin, a talented website designer and developer, the app is called Forecast, an exciting new concept which connects people with different sounds, themes, and visuals based on what the weather is like at their current locale. The playlist, which links to Spotify or Apple Music, asks for permission to pinpoint users’ location and generates a chill, atmospheric playlist of roughly 25 songs that match the weather.

Check out Tycho’s Forecast web app here.