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Missy Elliott returns with ‘Iconology’ after 14 year hiatus

Iconic is a term that gets tossed around so much these days. However, Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott embodies the term to its fullest. Much to the surprise of the music world, the proud Virginia native has released her first project in 14 years with Iconology. Since the nineties, the multiple Grammy winning R&B composer, producer, and rapper has been nothing short iconic, especially when it comes to defying and reshaping cultural norms.

Bringing a mixture of raw energy and creative soul to all that she does, Missy Elliot’s newest 5-track track effort is every bit as stylistic and lavish as her past outpourings. Teaming up with more legendary creators, Timbaland and Will Hendrix, to co-produce Iconology, the five new tracks give a glimpse of signature glory and a new-found take on overall composition. She’s a catchy lyricist on the EP too, dipping into humorous yet authentically piercing verses that resonate with mass audiences. She is, in every sense of the term, an icon.