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Tycho fashions prologue to Saint Sinner-assisted ‘No Stress’ with brilliant downtempo EP, ‘Stress’

Tycho, the multi-concept artistic pursuit of Scott Hansen, has just dropped off his first few originals since giving fans his highly-anticipated Weather LP, which has been nominated for a Grammy Award. Of course, the new title features the tranquil musings of none other than Sant Sinner, the rising futurist R&B singer from the Bay Area. 

The three-track EP, titled Stress, is actually a follow-up to the seventh track from Weather, “No Stress.” Specifically, it provides a response (or perhaps just more texture) to the Saint Sinner lyric, “If it doesn’t work the first time / Don’t stress, don’t stress.” The only actual new song title, “Stress,” representing the duality of Tycho’s landscapes. Maybe it could be read as the attempt to back peddle to the instrumental foundations upon which Hansen erected his Tycho project. The remaining two inclusions on the new EP feature the original vocal-led title, “No Stress,” along with an instrumental version that strips Saint Sinner’s vocals.

It’s an interesting artistic choice on the part of Tycho to provide the juxtaposing title, “Stress,” as a sort of instrumental prologue to the July-released track, “No Stress.” Or could it be read as an epilogue? Hard to say, especially given how soothing “Stress” is upon first listen. However, one thing is for sure: The addition certainly broadens the Weather landscape.

“Stress” is out now on Mom+Pop/Ninja Tune.