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BO$$ ANGELES on how to run a renegade Burning Man set [STREAM]

Ever dreamt of playing a sound stage at your favorite Burning Man camp but given up thinking it was a far fetched idea? Well, this year esteemed Los Angeles-based house music duo BO$$ANGELES landed themselves the coveted chance to renegade Slut Garden, one of the largest sound camps on the playa.

Made up of Brian Crain and Madison Orange, both mainstays in the LA underground, the two found their way onto the renegade stage following the Burning of the Man on Saturday night. Playing until sunrise, their set was accompanied by a circle of fire spinners and partygoers on the longest and most vibrant night of Burning Man.

BO$$ ANGELS, Slut Garden Renegade set, Burning Man 2019

Photo credit: Marc Evans Photography.

To recapture the magic of the night, the duo has released their two-hour Slut Garden mix for free download. Chock-full of hard-hitting bass house bangers, the mix is a good way to keep the Burning Man party going year-round. In support of the release of their Burn Night mix, the duo is also offering five tips for any other DJs who consider themselves RAW (ready and willing) and looking to play the bigger stages at Burning Man.

Stream the two-hour remake of BO$$ ANGELES’ Slut Garden set from Black Rock City and read through the duo’s renegade tips below.

BO$$ANGELES’ Renegade Tips

1) Always be prepared to play. These days that means having a flash drive/laptop on you with fire tunes that are appropriate for stage and time.

2) Act the part & look like your supposed to be there. Backstage is such a mystery because most of the time it doesn’t necessarily sound good, yet people that have no purpose there still seem to make there way there anyways. Don’t just go backstage, start dropping names, and look through coolers. Make sure you play the part and act super cool.

3) Make friends with a DJ or a person who manages the camp or stage. Having powerful connections in the camp or knowing the DJs playing there always helps increase your chances.

4) Have respect for the DJ Equipment, Soundsystem, Soundman, and stage. Don’t redline the DJ mixer or do anything that would cause the sound man to come and check you. Make sure drinks or anything that could potentially hurt equipment is placed far away. The last thing anyone wants is a person that wasn’t booked ruining their equipment.

5) Have fun. If you find yourself behind the decks at a major sound camp renegading, have fun because you don’t know how long it will last. If you look like you are having fun, they might just let you stay on… or even better yet this might put you on the radar for next year’s bookings.