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ATYYA returns with dynamic full-length, ‘Limitless’

Tyy Clark, known professionally as ATYYA, has been honing his particular brand of music for over 14 years. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, it’s obvious the lush forests and expansive wilderness of Canada’s western frontier have had an effect on his creativity. Filled with glistening ethereal melodies and deep, contemplative low frequency rhythms, his production style has come to be representative of the emerging conscious bass music movement. ATYYA’s new album, Limitless, sees him develop his sound further and deliver more of what fans have come to love about his music.

Spanning nine tracks, Limitless is a deliberately crafted endeavor, packed with breathtaking sound design and drum work that comes alive as the album progresses. Polyrhythmic, expansive, and meticulous, the project is as much about the moments of carefully placed silence as it is the booming bass and head-nodding percussion patterns. ATYYA has long been a master of swooping, dynamic synthesizers, and the tasteful volume shifts and reverb make it seem as if the album is being performed in an enormous cavern in the rainforest.

It is the hallmark of a true creator to develop an entirely new style, and forge boldly forward where other artists may follow. ATYYA continues to be at the forefront of an emerging genre of music that is rapidly picking up steam across the world. Combining meditative grooves with vivid soundscapes and danceable drum rhythms, he accomplishes here what many producers set out to do and failed. ATTYA does it with ease, calling upon the deep parts of the earth and the mind to spring creation forth.

ATYYA will be performing at Envision Festival in February, and will be an instructor at the upcoming Solar Sound retreat before the festival, also in Costa Rica.