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Slushii embraces ethereal landscapes on sequel studio album, ‘Dream II’

When Slushii (born Julian Scanlan) initially burst onto the dance music scene with his incredibly colorful force and candy pop sound, he was often written off as riding marshmello‘s coat tails. It’s an easily miscalculated judgement to make, especially since they both donned candy-inspired masks on stage. Additionally, the two producers collaborated early and often under the direction of manager Mo Shalizi. However, Slushii has gone on to craft his own unique sound that is starkly different from marshmello’s commercialized dance-pop stamp.

When Slushii released his sophomore full-length effort last year with Dream, the project showed Scanlan shying away from his heavier, future bass and dubstep blended sound. Instead, the collection of tracks showed Slushii favoring dreamier, ethereal landscapes with trap-laced percussion. Slushii promised fans a follow up project this past summer with Dreams II and now the 17-track project sees its wide release via sapientdream. Like its predecessor, Dreams II explores a similar lucid world, with smooth atmospheres, soothing tones and R&B vocals. Of course, these musical elements are all propelled forward by trap-led tempos.

Whereas the initial Dreams LP was merely a fantastical collection of songs, it’s sequel shows Slushii fashioning a cohesive storyline through his music. From “Comet (Intro)” to the album’s midpoint with “Night Sky” and “Heart in Japan,” all the way up until the outtro track on “opus [end],” Dreams II takes audience on a long-winded emotive journey. Indeed, each track acts like a book chapter that reveals a different piece of the larger story. Ultimately showing off Slushii’s true evolution as an artist, this is one album that begs to played from beginning to end.

The album also comes with a second-person written storyline, which Slushii shared over his socials to give the LP a whole different dimension. Stream Slushii’s sophomore album Dream II and read the story inspiration below.