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Chee x Subtronics - Headband flip - cover art

Chee & Subtronics flip the former’s Ganja White Night collaboration on its ‘Headband’

When wobble masters Ganja White Night collaborated with their SubCarbon-signee, Subtronics, eight months ago, it was around the time when the Pennsylvania riddim DJ/producer was beginning his swift main stage ascension. The track, dubbed “Headband,” was received as a triumphant bass heavy banger with heavy low ends and a predominance of singularity kicks. Not to mention, it went hard in the paint with the Alan Watts samples. Yet, “Headband” was here and gone in the blink of an eye, lost in the laundry list of stellar originals and collaborations that both artists have released since.

Now that Subtronics has been named a breakout act of 2019 by multiple publications, the track carries a different kind of status. What better time to give “Headband” the ole’ flip? Flash forward to the present and Subtronics has teamed up with fellow hotshot newcomer and roommate Chee to breathe new life into the track. They’ve stripped the original of it’s Alan Watts voice overs entirely and injected their version with off-kilter elements that make the flip an experimentalist’s delight.

Pumped full of grinding synths, aggressive tempos, intergalactic builds, and deep, guttural growls, Subtronics and Chee take the track into a complete 180. Just like that, “Headband” goes from organic and philosophical into full-force dance floor party mode. The flip is one of many great things to come from the two. So much so that one has to wonder just how many other unreleased gems these roommates are sitting on. The only certainty is that fans will surely hear multiple unreleased IDs when Chee joins Subtronics along his upcoming Cyclops Invasion tour next year.