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Here’s your full BassCenter XII pre-party guide [Event Coverage]

The Bassnectar team will be heading to Hampton, Virginia for the last time in the foreseeable future. With BassCenter XII taking place this weekend, August 31 – September 2, Hampton Coliseum will be lighting up as the mecca for bass heads all around the country. The 12th annual installment also boasts impressive line-up support from TroyBoi, K.L.O., Ganja White Night, Tek Life, and more.

Bassnectar took to his socials recently confirming that BassCenter XII would be the last hurrah at the Hampton Coliseum for a while. Additionally, he asked his fanbase where they would like to see the 2020 edition of BassCenter take place. While many immediately thought this will be Bassnectar’s last throw down at Hampton Coliseum ever, that’s simply not the case. First of all, Bassnectar would never speak in absolutes, at least as far as his future events go. Second, Hampton is the mecca for bass heads and the Mothership holds a special place Bassnectar’s heart. 

Bassnectar is well aware of just how large his movement has become. The sore reality is that Hampton’s iconic 10-thousand-person capacity venue just can’t accommodate the size and scale of his attendance any longer. One need simply think back to last year when hundreds of bass heads rushed the gates when they couldn’t find tickets. With a new, larger venue comes as a solution that includes all BassCenter hopefuls while keeping everyone safe. Not to mention, it opens up the possibility for a long-requested camping event. 

In light of BassCenter’s last Hampton touch down, we’ve gathered a complete list of unofficial pre-parties and after parties taking place this Labor Day Weekend.

Right now there are two unofficial pre-parties planned put on by More Signal Presents and Deep Space Strikes, respectively. The Deep Space Strikes pre-party will be taking place August 30 before the BassCenter activities officially start, featuring Bassnectar family acts like Ravenscoon, Cyber-G, and Wreckno — all of whom have been featured on CE‘s Rising Bass Spotlight series.

Meanwhile, The Big Dub Bus parties will be headed to the Lots just outside of the Mothership for daytime sets from plenty of rising bass talent. Along with the three aforementioned acts, Dank Rizzo, Dice Man, Slave, and more will be delivering plenty of wonky daytime beats as attendees can explore the playground of activities and vendors set up outside of the Coliseum. Details on an official BassCenter XII pre party have not been released as of the time of writing.