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Manic Focus releases highly-anticipated sixth studio album, ‘Lost In A Digital World’ [STREAM]

Denver-based producer Manic Focus is back with a new, funky fresh album. His sixth full-length release since 2012, the muti-talented musician and electro-soul producer continues to draw on a variety of sources and inspirations to hone his distinct sound. Mixing funk, hip-hop, dubstep, soulful riffs, and hard-hitting bass, his performances and tunes are a staple of many dance parties on hot summer nights.

Featuring everything from live guitar to scratching to rapper guest features, Lost In A Digital World has a little something for everyone. Sliding easily from uptempo bangers to chiller hip-hop beats, Manic Focus demonstrates his prowess for creating art which defies the constant generic categorization that modern music often becomes subject to. The 12-track effort never feels stale or repetitive, managing to maintain a consistent thematic voice without veering into redundancy. Soulful, head-nodding rhythms are the name of the game, as they always have been for his projects.

There is no shortage of notable guest features, either. Protohype, Big Gigantic‘s Dominic Lalli, Break Science‘s Borahm Lee, Russ Liquid and Psalm One all make appearances that give the record even more depth. The evolution of Manic Focus’ style has been consistent over the years, and he’s clearly growing at a healthy, sustainable pace.

Releasing this much content in such a short period of time has often led producers into stalling creatively or sounding flat, but it’s clear that he will not be falling victim to that with this record. The ride into the “Digital World” of Manic Focus is a thrilling one that we don’t want to get off anytime soon.