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Stream Carl Cox’s Opulent Temple at Playground set from Burning Man 2019

Just over a week has elapsed since 80,000 participants of Burning Man returned to the default world. Transitioning back into a daily routine can be hard, but the bountiful set recordings from everyone’s favorite producers are pouring in for burners around the world to immerse themselves in order to make the shift a little easier. The entire experience of Black Rock City is captivated effortlessly in this sprightly techno set crafted by Sir Carl Cox.

On Wednesday, August 28, the Opulent Temple held its annual white night takeover at the Playground where the leaders of techno welcome a night of endless dancing as the enormous fire mechanisms light the playa from miles around. Carl Cox made his presence known with his dynamic hour and a half set that gathered thousands of burners under the stars, creating one of the busiest nights on the playa.

After a week spent with zero technology, it’s recordings like this that make us grateful for the ability to share music – to let listeners travel back in time for just a moment.