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M83 release haunting neo-noir music video for ‘Lune De Fel’ [WATCH]

Halloween season is in full swing and M83 is continuing their latest LP rollout with a nightmarish music video release. The track, titled “Lune De Fel,” is the second single from M83’s upcoming eighth studio album, DSVII, following the release of “Temple of Sorrow” just last week, which was included in our Friday Wrangler round-up.

The video follows a stark black-and-white aesthetic for the first half, telling the story of a young woman who embodies the 1920s film noir Black Widow archetype. Strong parallels to Sunset Boulevard pervade the initial story sequence until the female protagonist is pulled lifeless from the bottom of a backyard pool. She is then reborn into a colorful, hellish world at the hands of a David Bowie type character, like someone out of The Labrynth. Turns out the experience was a story she’d been writing the entire time with the ending credits, “Meet the Nirvana Queen… To be continued…”

All fitting themes considering the entire album was inspired by “80s sci-fi/fantasy films,” said the “Midnight City” musicians in a previous press release. The electronic/alt-rock crossover band have been working on DSVII for the past two years, with DSVII landing next Friday, September 14. Although the sequel LP has actually been over ten years in the making, considering their Digital Shades Vol. 1. LP was released back in 2007.