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Shambhala releases official after movie + 2020 early bird ticket sales

This year’s edition of Shambhala Music Festival signaled it’s 22nd year as a fully-independent boutique festival. The Shambhala experience is so vastly different from other large-scale US music festivals because it hasn’t resorted to corporate buyouts, although it has certainly had its offers. Privately owned and operated for over two decades on Salmo River Ranch, the British Columbia-based festival brings a different kind of magic to its attendees that keeps them coming back year after year. It’s a certain kind of magic that was captured perfectly in this years after-movie. 

Free of any corporate sponsorship, the Shambhala after-movie perfectly captures the festival’s independent spirit as well as it’s life-changing allure. The cinematic editing brings outsiders deep into the collaborative world of “the farm” as the festival transitions from day into night in stop-motion filmography. From yoga classes to BTSM sets, Shambhala is a music festival of many colors and flavors, many sights and sounds, and many different walks of life coming together for one purpose.

Tickets for Shambhala Music Festival 2020 are on sale now. Extra Early Bird has already sold out, but Early Bird tickets are still available. Find tickets here