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Mersiv & Chill Bobby flex their musical genius on new Wakaan single, ‘Beautiful & Filthy’

Denver-based DJ and producer Mersiv has been on the steep upward climb lately. In fact, his ascendance into the underground bass scene can be likened to scaling the side of a mountain — tons of hard work and stamina, steady focus, and a beautiful scenic pay-off in the end. In 2019 alone, Mersiv has released a majestic 10-track masterpiece in Digital Eden, along with his joint NKODB EP with Laika Beats and Knat Turner on Wakaan. He’s also recently announced his first headlining tour, with support from Mr. Bill and Spoonbill.

Now Mersiv has released the title track to his massive 28-date Beautiful & Filthy tour. He’s also enlisted the lyrical expertise of rapper Chill Bobby on the new tune, “Beautiful & Filthy,” out now on Liquid Stranger’s imprint. Smooth, hypnotic, and downright trippy, “Beautiful & Filthy” signals a wild, bass-centric journey that truly lives up to its name.

The single is one fans already gravitate towards, as evidenced by Mersiv’s recent two-night stop-off at Denver’s Black Box. “Whenever I started playing it live it instantly became a vibe and resonated with people,” Mersiv explains of the track’s mind-bending and emotional appeal.

There’s a certain ethos to the track that, as Chill Bobby adds, “explains that our emotions are OURS and that we control them. No matter what’s going on around us, however filthy it may be, we can always find a path to something beautiful in our minds.”

Chill Bobby’s slick bars effortlessly move across a curiosity-inspiring topline and a grimy, sprawling bassline. Alien-like synths and distorted vocals take listeners on a spaceship journey out of this world, flexing Mersiv’s massive production chops and proving once again why he’s one of the fastest rising talents in bass music.