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GRiZ announces third installment in ‘Bangers’ EP series

Featured photo: Rukes.

Since giving fans a tasty full-length album treat in Ride Waves, Boulder-based artist GRiZ has been busy returning to his heavier-leaning dubstep roots this year. The exploration has taken shape as two well-received EP projects, Bangers[1].zip and Bangers[2].zip, which included a heavy Subtronics collaboration.

Recently, GRiZ took to his socials to announce a third installment is coming in the popular EP series. Not much else is known beyond the cryptic tweet teasing Bangers[3].zip, such as release date, number of tracks, and potential collaborations. However, what is known is that the short player will chock full of heavy electronic goodness.

With GRiZ continuing on the road this fall for the second leg of his Ride Waves tour, fans can fully expect the future funk master to share fresh material from his incoming Bangers[3].zip EP in the coming weeks. See all remaining tour dates on GRiZ’s website.

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