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GETTER delivers unexpected remix of DJ Snake’s and Justin Bieber’s ‘Let Me Love You’

Fans haven’t been hearing much from GETTER lately and it certainly isn’t because of the poor fan response he recieved while reinventing his sound on Visceral. Rather, the mau5trap artist has been putting all his effort into a hip-hop side project called Terror Reid. Despite holing himself up in the studio, GETTER has surprised fans with a left-field remix of DJ Snake and Justin Bieber‘s chart-topper, “Let Me Love You.”

Though ZEDD popularly remixed the song over three years ago, GETTER has put an updated spin on an older sounding radio classic. GETTER’s rendition takes the kind of subdued approach that listeners have been hearing of the producer on his recent turn. Venturing into the land of chill trap, the multi-talented producer allows the song’s original composition to shine through his vibrant and ear-bending touch-ups. The result is a highly experimental, unexpected pleaser with unlikely twists and turns.