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Lost Lands Music Festival 2019 live stream schedule [Event Coverage]

The third annual edition of Lost Lands is officially underway and, for the first time ever, the Excision-curated event has sold out. The festivities kicked off yesterday, September 26, for the pre-party. Today kicks off the official first day of mainstage musical acts with eye-popping production, soul-rattling sound, and even more dinosaurs.

For those who couldn’t make it out to Legends Valley, Ohio for the Jurassic-themed festival, Couchlands is back in full session from 2:30pm CST, Friday-Sunday. Excision headlines the first night at 10pm, with Ganja White Night on Saturday at 10:45pm, and Excision b2b Illenium closes out the weekend beginning at 9:45pm on Sunday.

Other notable acts include Subtronics, BTSM, and a triple b2b with Cookie Monsta, Doctor P, and Funtcase on Friday. On Saturday, catch rising bass acts Lucii, G-Rex, Wookie, and Wooli during the daylight hours and Liquid Stranger, Kayzo, and 12th Planet in prime time. Finally, tune in to Dirt Monkey, Downlink, Slander b2b Spag Heddy, and Space Jesus on the third and final day.

View the full schedule below to find and tune in to your favorite sets.

Tune into the Lost Lands 2019 Live Stream via Uphoric TV.

Lost Lands Music Festival 2019 Live Stream Schedule

Photo credit: Jake West Photo.