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Mad Zach releases wildly seductive 4-track EP, ‘No Past Lives’

In the burgeoning underground bass movement, Mad Zach has made a name for himself for his wildly seductive experimental bass. His high-definition bass stamp draws on sonic influences from hip-hop, techno, footwork, synthwave, jungle, and dub to conjure a unique aesthetic that is both hypnotic and heavy, raw and emotional, all at once. This fusion of organic and polished electronic elements has caught the attention of deadmau5, which has made him a mau5trap favorite and regular conduit of the imprint over the past year.

Mad Zach has now poised for his debut on Methlab Recordings with the release of his No Past Lives EP. The four-track release explores the interplay of hypnotic 160bpm beats and beguiling, emotionally-driven astral moments. Once inside, time unfurls as an exquisite and alluring journey into the recesses of the human spirit, circling between nostalgic yearning and a steadfast, driven intensity.

From the opening title track and the intoxicating myriad of complex beat work on “Strangeloop,” to the beguiling bass lines of “Seek Refuge” and “Where Is This Place,” No Past Lives is not just an amalgamation of artistic passion and drive. The EP is a compelling story through the inner workings of the mind. As such, listeners are invited to dive as deeply into this underworld as they are willing to go.