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Gesaffelstein announces new EP, ‘NOVO SONIC SYSTEM’

When Gesaffelstein released his sophomore studio album, Hyperion, last March, the project was brimming with all-star contributions from The Weeknd, Pharrell Williams, and Haim. Now, a mere seven months later, Gesaffelstein has made quite the unexpected announcement on his social pages. The French techno icon is giving fans six brand new tracks just in time for his Requiem tour, which launches next month.

The brand new EP, titled NOVO SONIC SYSTEM, appears to be an entirely solo endeavor. An enigmatic performer by nature, Gesaffelstein’s last public appearance was at Coachella last March, where he stunned his crowd with the color Vantablack during his live set. The crowning moment was the only time dance music fans have been able to witness his second full-length album material live. Now fans will have even more to look forward to along his upcoming tour, as Gesaffelstein is likely to release the new EP tracks along each leg of his tour stop.

NOVO SONIC SYSTEM does not have a formal release date as of yet, but the EP will come on Gesaffelstein’s new label home, Columbia Records. Stay tuned for more as single releases are only a mere matter of time.